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The Basic Coaching Skills Workshop is a practicum-based intensive workshop designed to help you learn the followingmbasic coaching skills:

  1. How to make simple requests that stimulate discussion

  2. How to make empowering requests to empower your client

  3. How to actvelt listen to empower your client and stimulate discussion

  4. How to reflectivly listen to identify empowering emotions

  5. How to use the short chat format to encourage your client to share more deeply

  6. How to support and encourage your client to take action and make a decision

  7. How to ask empowering questions to challenge your client to make a decision

  8. How to offer your client choices to help your client make better decisions

  9. How to make assignments to encourage your client to make better decisions

  10. Your practicum to bring all of these skills together and make them work for you

Special Short-time Offer

Our Basic Coaching Skills Workshop normally costs $795.00 per student. The free self-study course "Empowering Coaching Tools" is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

If you have:

  1. Registered for the three correspondence courses listed above, and
  2. Completed these three courses in the past three months, and
  3. Practiced the Empowering Coaching Skills so you understand them well, then
  4. We offer you the Basic Coaching Skills Workshop for only $225.00 USD, but
  5. This offer expires 90 days after you order the correspondence courses listed above


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