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About Biofeedback Coach

Biofeedback Coach is accredited by the American Accreditation Commission to award continuing education units (CEU) that can be used by certification and license boards to obtain and retain certification or licensure.

Biofeedback Coach endorses and supports the following organizations that provide excellent benefits to the natural therapies community:

Biofeedback Association of North America (BANA)

Detoxification, Stress Reduction, Rejuvenation Tool (DSRT2)

Infinity Pointe Executive Services (IPXS)

Natural Therapies Association of Europe (NTAEU), Western Asia, Middle East and Africa

Natural Therapies Association of North America (NTANA)

Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services (NTCRS)

Paula King Conflict Resolution Services (PKCRS)

Peacemaking Conflict Resolution Services (PMCRS)

Private Health Membership Associations (PHMA)

Qhiron Education Association (Qhiron)

Quantum Home Trainer (QHT)

Secret Registrations (Secret)

Zero Point Association (ZPA)